Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flickr Batch Download Is Available

For a few years I have been experimenting with various utilities, extensions and apps to bulk download photos from my Flickr Account which has over 10,000 photos. Yesterday I had another look to discover that it is now available in the new Camera Role Beta view.

Below is a screen shot from the Yahoo Help site that revealed this.

Step By Step

1. View photos with Camera Role Beta

 2. Select photos. You can use Shift key to select first and last in usual way.

3. Click on Download at bottom of window and following message pops up.

4. Next is the window for you to choose destination.
This is remembered and pre-filled on subsequent  downloads. Note I am using Mac OS X 

5. This is Finder showing the downloaded photos.
The Zip file is downloaded and on my Mac all I click on this and it creates a folder and copies individual photos into it, as can be seen.

Good news for me

Over the years I have used several photo management tools
  1. Early Photoshop Elements Organiser.
  2. Picasa - before Google Plus ruined it.
  3. Lightroom 3
  4. Apple Aperture
  5. And now Lightroom CC
 The one consistent feature was I uploaded what I considered the better photos, or ones I wanted an extra back-up, to Flickr and now I want to download these to create a copy on my wireless Seagate drive so that I can have them available to show on my iPad without the need to be connected to web, especially useful when in remote locations.

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