Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goodbye Nikon

The time has finally arrived when I have sold my Nikon D7000 based kit and moved over to Sony Nex-6.

A little more complicated as at first I was going to upgrade my Panasonic GX-1 to GX-7 ready for forthcoming trip to Australia. GX-1 had been good although it's LCD panel had to be replaced after 14 months. Now give Panasonic their due, this had been done free of charge although outside guarantee period but this was my 3rd Panasonic camera and the second to have developed a fault.

I was also a bit disappointed at quality of their 70-200mm lens at 200mm. It turned out cheaper for me to swap GX1 plus two lenses for Sony Nex-6 and their equivalent 2 lens, 16-45 and 50-200mm, the upgrading to GX-7, no doubt due in part to the, then unknown, imminent release of Alpha 600 to replace Nex-6.


I still think it was a good move.