Monday, October 01, 2012

Aperture to PSE, TIF does not work but TIFF OK!

Aperture to PSE, TIF or TIFF.

Aperture-PSE TIFF
In Aperture you can specify an external editor which you can use in place of the standard Aperture editor. In my case I currently use PSE (PhotoShop Elements) and I have set the option to use TIFF.

When the external editor is selected for a particular file, a duplicate is made before it is opened in PSE. After editing in PSE the file is saved and replaces the duplicated photo.


Aperture-PSE TIFF
Aperture-PSE TIFF
Although TIFF is chosen as the type when the file is saved PSE opts to use TIF for its extension (1 F not 2 F's) and this causes a new file to be created and so Aperture does not recognise it as the photo it duplicated and so the changes are not seen. The solution is simple, just add the extra f to TIF before you save the file.
Aperture-PSE TIFF

Red Admirals on last day of September

DSC_6743 Red Admiral Butterfly 29-09-2012

On the last day of September I was pleased to capture this fine Red Admiral butterfly in my Worcestershire garden.

Photo Details
Nikon D90 with Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro Lens
SB900 Flash