Sunday, March 25, 2012

Using Nikkor lens on Panasonic Lumix GX1

One of the downsides of buying the GX1 is that it a system camera and so I am temped to buy other lenses and flash guns similar to my behaviour with my D90 system.

I have a micro 4/3 to Nikon AI adapter left over from my brief affair with a GF2. I have so far attached Nikkor micro 50 mm f 2.8 (renown for its sharpness) and a Tokina 70-200 f4 ( renown for its ordinariness).

Now I expected these manual focus lens would have to be operated in stop down metering mode. In this mode usually the screen would go dim but the EVF automatically increases it's gain and remains bright. The exposure works in this mode, so if you stop down aperture the shutter speed lengthens as it should. If auto ISO is set then this may also vary.

Another good feature that as the GX1 is in manual focus by pressing the rear control button the centre part of the image is magnified.

I was very pleased with the result but there were several rejects amongst the result.


John said...

To get the manual focus closeup, you press the AF/MF button? This works for me with my MFT lenses, but seemingly not with manual lenses (I am trying a Schneider 135mm DKL lens with an adapter).

Rod T said...

Same for me. The AF/MF does not function with manual Nikon lens via adaptor fitted, so I do not get the magnification in the view finder to assist focusing.

Also the flash does not automatically adjust for correct light.

Apart from this the combination works well for M,A and P mode. Understandably not for S mode as this mode requires the camera to adjust the aperture, which it cannot do with Nikkor AI(S) lenses.