Thursday, January 13, 2011

Epson Perfection V330 LED Photo Scanner (4800dpi) Great.

I am very pleased with scanner. Main requirement for me was scanning 35mm film negs and slides. Previously I had used a much more expensive Canon 9900F buth this has no Vista or Winow 7 drivers. The scans by this much cheaper Epson are a much higher quality. The Canon was more versatile with XP as it could scan 24 negs or 16 slides in one go and also large negs up to 5x4 inches but this is academic if it does not work on modern OS. The V330 can scan a strip of 6 negs or 4 slides. But I stress the scans quality much bettr on Epson.

I had been copying slides and negs off cheap light box with my Nikon D90 with Sigma EX 105mm macro lens, but these were much poorer than the scans with Epson.

I put the neg/slides in, let it use all defaults with a small amount of sharpening and close the lid and let it roll. At 2400 dpi it takes about 10 minutes, so I do this as a background task while I do something else.

Strange over the years I have switched from Canon scanners to Epson whereas for printers I have done the reverse.

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