Friday, July 30, 2010

Kookaburra Narrawallee Ulladulla NSW Australia 19-03-2006

Took this photo at my pal's house at Narrawallee. Great place, great bird.

I am adding it to this blog purely as an experiment and to gain experience of making a blog entry direct from Picasa Web Album.

Next I want to see if I can get Blog update to appear on Facebook automatically.

Picasa - How to use Graduated Tint to darken one side of photo.

Howto use Graduated Tint to darken one side of photo.

  1. Rotate photo so side you want to darken is on top.
  2. Use Graduated Tint adjusting three controls

    - Amount using default black colour.
    - Feather to blend in shading.
    - Position by moving small cross to where you want the darkening to reach

    to achieve desired effect.
  3. Save before rotating to original position otherwise darkening will revert to top.
    Note by saving a copy of original photo is made before all edits are written to image.
See example annotated Youtube slideshow below.