Monday, November 16, 2009

PhotoShop Elements Curves Plugin

V 2.1

Screen Shot



Curves Adjustment for Photoshop Elements

(Test entry for Scribefire)

Photoshop Elements offers in opposite to its professional version no curves command. That's a pity, because curves are a valuable tool for image editing.

To remedy this shortcoming this site offers the plugin SmartCurve to upgrade this ability. Of course this plugin can be used from all programs which can integrate Photoshop plugins.


  • Curves adjustment of RGB and gray images.
  • Full support of 8 and 16 bits color depth.
  • Use of the more common gamma correction.
  • Smart-display of the live histogram.
  • Auto level correction by setting of shadows and highlights.
  • Remove of color casts by setting of multiple midtones.
  • Highlighting of clipped colors.
  • Different color spaces like RGB, CMK, Lab and others.
  • Channel masks to limit curve effects.
  • Works as smart filter in PhotoShop CS3.
  • Pixel and percentage curve editing and view.
  • Batch Mode for applying a curve on multiple images.

Please read the help provided by the program to learn all features and functions of SmartCurve.

This plugin is useful not only for Photoshop Element user, since it offers solid curve adjustment beyond the ability of many other programs.