Saturday, March 28, 2009

Picasa Renaming multiple files

Ror years now I have been irritated by two aspects of Picasa when renaming multiple files.
  1. If the the name ends with a number it increments this number and does not just add an incremental suffix

    Example if there are 3 photos that end with, say nikon_d80, it makes the files name end with d80, d81, d82 whereas what I wanted was d80-0, d8-1, d80-2

  2. If the name ends with a none-number letter then it adds nothing to the first, and then increases by one thereafter.

    Example if 3 files end with tree, it will be named tree, tree-1, tree-2 and to ensure they are displayed in the correct sequence I have to rename the first file as tree-0 after the bulk rename as a separate step.
By chance I realised that you can combine the two deficiencies to acheive what I want. In the d80 example just make sure the name ends with d80-0, and then Picasa will rename the files as d80-0, d80-1 and d80-2

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THO said...

For d80, d81 example, Picasa is changing the other way as u mentioned.

When i select pictures and change, i want to be renamed as d80,d81,d82. Instead, Picasa is changing as d80-1, d80-2, d80-3.

Can u pls tell me how to change to get d80,d81,d82, etc.